Every child must graduate ready for further education and the workforce. Each year nearly 7,000 Wisconsin students drop out of school without earning a diploma. As adults they have a much greater chance of becoming unemployed, incarcerated, and on government assistance.

The following pages will help students, educators, parents and the community-at-large align our efforts so our students benefit from both college and career preparation, learning the skills and knowledge necessary to be contributing members of our communities.


Provides information about the new graduation rate requirements as well as graduation data in graph, table, and raw data formats, including:

  • Graduation Rates
  • Progress Toward Graduation
  • College or Work Readiness and Success
  • District and School Performance Reports and Profiles

Wisconsin Graduation Rate Reporting Changes

Understanding Wisconsin's High School Graduation Rate Calculations 

Graduation Rates Changes Updates for 2010-11 PowerPoint - With Audio





Provides information about several pathways to high school graduation including:

  • Standard paths to graduation
  • Alternative paths to graduation
  • High school completion options


  • Graduation Goals


State Superintendent Tony Evers has made graduation the focus of his administration by setting aggressive but achievable graduation goals as part of Agenda 2017, in alignment with the vision of Every Child a Graduate, College and Career Ready.


  • Graduation Accountability


Graduation results are used in Wisconsin accountability determinations:


1.       Wisconsin school and district accountability report cards

2.       Federal Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs)

3.       Wisconsin State Performance Plan for students with disabilities




Provides resources schools can use to increase the number of students who complete school with a high school diploma including:

  • Prevention, intervention, and re-engagement programs and strategies
  • Resources for improving graduation rates for students of color, students with disabilities, and other special populations
  • National organizations


Provides parents and students with information and resources about graduation including:

  • Attendance
  • Dropout prevention
  • College readiness
  • The Wisconsin Covenant
  • Wisconsin's Employability Skills Certificate
  • Transition programs for students with disabilities
  • Alternative for at-risk students and other youth


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