Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Guidance

The following laws and rules govern the calculation, publication, and use of high school graduation rates.




Education TITLE I A— Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged - §200.19 Other academic indicators

High School Graduation Rate Non-Regulatory Guidance - USED December 22, 2008

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Sec. 1111) - Sec. 1111 -(b) (2)(C)(vi) Accountability




Compulsory School Attendance - s. 118.15 Wis. Stats.

High School Graduation Requirements - Law - s.118.33 Wis. Stats. 

Children at Risk - Identification of children at risk of not graduating from high school and children at risk plan.

High School Graduation Standards - Chapter PI 18 - High School Graduation Standards in state rule

High School Equivalency Diplomas